14 . 09 . 2014

Our image and how to improve it.


Our image is a combination of harmony, shapes and colors.

Every woman can be impressive. Improving our image is not difficult, as we can use our imagination in order to change our appearance for good.

It is very significant to determine the shapes (forms) and the colors that characterize our image. The first step is to learn how to observe objectively. To look at ourselves with the same way and from the same distance that other people look at us.

We have to be critical and determined enough to find the most powerful parts of our face and body, the ones that we would be proud of to expose.

Remind yourselves that attraction goes far beyond the simple beauty. It is said that Aphrodite’s strabismus made her irresistible. Even today, no one would ever think that Barbara Streisand or Glenn Close would be more attractive with a different nose, or that a gentler smile would boost Catherine Spaak’s charm. The secret for the right image is to accept ourselves exactly as we are. It teaches us the way to develop our value.

Color. The power of color mainly affects the parts around the face. Apart from the hair, which is the most important factor, keep in mind that you also have to be careful with the blouse that you choose, the scarf, the jewels, the lipstic, the glasses or a pair of earrings. Color plays a crucial role on our total appearance and helps us to look more beautiful, relaxed, and fit.

Regarding our image, it’s not always easy to make the right decisions. You surely have noticed expressions of admiration by friends or colleagues, when you have managed to boost your self-confidence with a successful appearance. Our goal is to receive expressions of admiration every single day!

V.V. by Xenos